Supervisor:  Mary O´Connell


The ADAR enzymes deaminate adenosine bases in dsRNA in pre-mRNAs to inosine, which can be read as guanosine by the translational machinery, recoding individual codons in some ADAR-edited transcripts. In vertebrates, one of the most critical recoding events maintains the calcium impermeability of GluA2 subunit-containing AMPA receptors and this is catalyzed by Adar2. Adenosine to inosine conversion in endogenous dsRNA also helps the cell distinguish self from foreign/viral/pathogenic dsRNA. This is essential as without it, unedited endogenous dsRNA binds to cellular dsRNA sensors and activates innate immune responses (doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2014.10.041) and Adar1 required for this. The PhD student will investigate these roles of Adar1 and Adar2 further using mouse mutants and cell cultures which are available within the group.

Recommended literature:

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Applications should include: a CV, a scanned copy of the Masters or an official letter certifying its completion, brief motivation letter, and contacts for at least two references should be sent via e-mail mary.oconnell@ceitec.muni.cz or phd@ceitec.muni.cz.

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