Nowadays, the global research is focused on as low application of chemicals and antibiotics in sterilization of both living and inanimate materials as possible. The application of low temperature plasma seems to be a suitable alternative to conventionally used means because it gently affects treated materials and does not produce higher amount of side pollutants. Therefore, the thesis will be focused on the assessment of low temperature plasma suitability for decontamination of solid and liquid surfaces and media. The low temperature plasma will be generated by different electrical discharges. Besides diagnostic methods for plasma characterization, various biological, chemical and material analyses will be employed in order to understand initiated processes.

Tutor doc. Ing. Zdenka Kozáková, Ph.D.
Deadline: 30. 4. 2023
Application and contacts: https://www.fch.vut.cz/uchazeci/prijimacky/d