Are you interested in cybersecurity? Now you have an opportunity to join our team because we are searching for collaborators for our R&D projects at the Faculty of Informatics MU! 

  • BRNO / Homeoffice Brno, office at FI MU / Home office
  • Paid part-time job from July

We are looking for motivated students to join our team working on KYPO Cyber Range Platform, Cyber Sandbox Creator, and KYPO4INDUSTRY projects. Your job would be to develop, test, or document virtual environments and testbeds developed in these projects.
It might sound challenging, but you will cooperate with experienced colleagues who will support you. It is 100 % sure that you will learn a lot.

What do we expect from you?

  • Being keen to learn and use various technologies used in a particular project (e.g., Linux, Python, Java, Angular, VirtualBox, Ansible, or ELK).
  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills.

What should you expect from us?

  • Paid part-time contract comparable to job offers in the IT industry.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Work in a small team of experienced students and experts.
  • Office at the Faculty of Informatics MU and home office.
  • Significant boost of your career, CV, and study at FI MU.

More information/applications: https://cybersec.fi.muni.cz/careers/developer_tester_of_virtual_environments