The principal goal of the Finance doctoral programme is to prepare the students for their future university or research activity. The main stress is put on mastering modern quantitative methods, completing advanced financial subjects, solving specialized research tasks and their presentation at professional conferences and working out and defending doctoral work being a substantial scientific contribution in the sphere of theory of finance.

Study programme is accredited in the Czech as well as English language and can be studied in full-time or combined mode. Standard duration is 4 years.

If you are interested, please contact doc. Lucie Sedmihradská (sedmih@vse.cz).
For more information see https://ffu.vse.cz/english/doctoral-studies-phd/.
Electronic application form can be found at https://insis.vse.cz/prihlaska/?lang=en.
Deadlines for submitting applications can be found at https://science.vse.cz/doctoral-studies/for-applicants/basic-information-for-applicants/.