The Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, invites applications for the positions of Heads of the following departments:

Department of Computer Science,
Department of Computer Systems and Communications,
Department of Machine Learning and Data Processing,
Department of Visual Computing.

Department Heads oversee the implementation of strategic policies and work towards the advancement of their departments and members. In the area of ​department (and related) administration, the head of the department is primarily responsible for

  • work with department employees in the area of ​​their personal development, namely qualification procedures;
  • evaluation of academic staff according to faculty rules, based on the quality of teaching performance, scientific performance and work for the academic community;
  • administration of a limited departmental budget that supports activities of research groups and laboratories related to the department.

In the field of teaching administration, the head of the department:

  • monitors the teaching organization and takes care of the overall quality of courses provided by the department;
  • cooperates with the guarantors of study programs, the courses of which are taught by the department;
  • manages the teaching load of the department members (appoints the teachers of courses provided by the department), monitors the teaching delegated to external lecturers;
  • leads the department team and recommends personnel changes (recruitment of new academics, reduction of working hours) to the faculty management;
  • takes active care, in cooperation with other heads of departments, of the equality of working conditions of academics across departments and participates in decision-making on the establishment or termination of taught courses as a member of the FI Course Committee.

As with any member of the FI academic community, the head of the department is expected to:

  • lead the teaching of given courses or otherwise significantly participate in the teaching;
  • be (at least partly) scientifically active.

For more information on the departments, their members, publications and teaching activities see: http://www.muni.cz/fi/general/structure?lang=en

Candidates should demonstrate leadership skills and experience, especially in situations requiring a collaborative leadership style; analytical, communication, and presentation capabilities as well as capabilities in project, people, and time management. Candidates are expected to be active researchers with preference in the corresponding department’s focus areas; and to have Ph.D. in Informatics or related discipline. Habilitation (“venia docendi” or equivalent) or quick progress for this qualification degree is expected. Some familiarity with the Czech academic environment is welcome.

Department Heads report to the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics. The position is a 36-month administrative faculty appointment in addition to the standard academic duties. There is the possibility of tenure after initial appointment given appropriate credentials.

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Source: https://www.muni.cz/en/about-us/careers/vacancies/56293