We are a research group within University of South Bohemia focused on complex ecological,
evolutionary & taxonomical aspects of cyanobacteria and algae.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates for

PhD positions in Phycology

Available research projects

Towards a unified approach of classification for Cyanobacteria: Integrating genomic and polyphasic criteria for a modern taxonomy

Contact: doc. RNDr. Jan Kaštovský, Ph.D., hanys@prf.jcu.czhttp://www.phycology.cz/

Since 2000, criteria for recognition of cyanobacterial genera and species utilizing the polyphasic approach have been developed and tested. A separate taxonomic approach based on genomes has recently been proposed but not integrated into existing taxonomy. We will compare these disparate approaches by collecting complementary data within the model group, Synechococcales, the best studied group in terms of both genomes assembled and recent polyphasic taxonomic effort. This will allow direct comparison in order to integrate both approaches, evaluate taxonomic boundaries, and derive taxonomic concepts for cyanobacteria that will satisfy and be workable for all researchers. We will initiate the revision of families (esp. family Ocullatelaceae) and orders in Synechococcales, and formulate recommendations for standard practice for future phylum-wide taxonomic revision.

Evolution, taxonomy & biogeography of photosynthetic euglenoids

Contact: Mgr. Josef Juráň, Ph.D. juranj00@prf.jcu.czhttps://www.euglenoids.org/

The main topics for the research should be a taxonomy (cryptic diversity, phylogenetic relationships, taxonomical revisions) and diversity (role in bioindication, aplication of modern taxonomy to ecology, effect of the enviroment on species as one of promotors of the biodiversity) of the euglenoids, marginally also biogeography (distribution patterns, endemism vs. ubiquity, vectors of spreading). As a tool to solve these research questions, a combination of methods and comparison of all important and usable criteria (so-called polyphasic approach), leading to the recognition of genetic, ecological and/or morphological entities in various environmental situations will be used.


  • PhD study for 4 years 2021-2025,
  • professional career development in science & soft skills,
  • participation in cutting-edge research projects,
  • access to research infrastructure & equipment,
  • international collaboration & visibility, international short-term research visits,
  • English speaking, stimulating and friendly environment,
  • possible part-time job employment on research grants (on cyanobacteria),
  • administration support with relocation & settlement in the Czech Republic,
  • participation in annual PhD retreat,
  • meals allowance, full health insurance, student benefits,
  • work-life balance in a middle-sized university city offering options for outdoor, sport & cultural activities.


  • MSc in Phycology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology or similar,
  • proficiency in English – oral and written,
  • openness to learn new techniques, active attitude to problem-solving,
  • ability to work in a team,
  • independent thinking & passion for science.

Please submit your structured CV including list of publications, motivation letter, name & contacts of two academic referees via e-mail to hanys@prf.jcu.cz (for cyanobacteria) or juranj00@prf.jcu.cz (for euglenoids) by 30th October 2020. Interviews with selected applicants will be held in November 2020.