Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are polyesters of microbial origin that have many interesting properties and potential applications. This dissertation will aim at studying the biotechnological production of PHA following the current concept of Next-Generation Industrial Biotechnology using waste substrates from the food industry. This concept is based on the employment of extremophilic microorganisms as robust production hosts, the utilization of extremophiles significantly reduces the risk of microbial contamination of the biotechnological process, which is positively reflected in the economic parameters of the production. As part of the dissertation, PHA production will be studied in several selected extremophiles, including extremophile representatives belonging to the group of purple bacteria. The attention will be focused both on a comprehensive understanding of PHA metabolism and its regulation, as well as on biotechnological aspects of potential PHA production and optimization of individual cultivation strategies and individual parameters.

Tutor prof. Ing. Stanislav Obruča, Ph.D.
Deadline: 30. 4. 2023
Application and contacts: https://www.fch.vut.cz/uchazeci/prijimacky/d