Workplace: Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Type of Contract: permanent position with 3-year contract, academic (equivalent to tenure-track position)
Working Hours: 1.0 FTE (full-time employment of 40 hours a week).
Expected Start Date: negotiable
Number of Open Positions: 1
Application Deadline: December 31, 2021

About the Workplace

Masaryk University is the second-largest university in the Czech Republic with nine faculties, more than 5000 staff, and more than 30 000 students.

Faculty of Science MU, a proud holder of the HR Excellence in Research Award by the European Commission, is a research-oriented faculty, offering university education (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs) closely linked to both primary and applied research and high school teaching of the following sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth sciences. We are the most productive scientific unit of the Masaryk University generating around 40 % of MU research results.

Department of Anthropology at the Faculty of Science MU is an academic, research- and education-oriented institution which focuses on the study of interactions between biological, social and cultural aspects of humankind. We are a modern institution oriented on current trends in education, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, consistently with more than a hundred of students in the undergraduate programs and currently with eight students in the Ph.D. program. From the very beginning, students are offered intensive training in topics of biological and socio-cultural anthropology. They are encouraged to participate in department’s research projects which contributes crucially to their success in the job market after graduation. The research activities are anchored in the tradition embodying the biological and the behavioral aspect of mankind. Many of our top-tier research projects aim to apply scientific knowledge in practice – emphasis is given on developing methods for the fields of forensic anthropology or on multi-disciplinary collaboration projects which address nutritional status or modelling of human growth and development in childhood and adolescence. The department’s labs are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for 3D data acquisition of human body morphology and advanced biological data processing. In addition, advanced evaluation of nutritional status and other somatic characteristics as well as assessment of prehistorical and historical skeletal remains is conducted in our facilities utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Currently, the Department of Anthropology includes 17 faculty members and researchers who are involved in teaching, conducting research and promoting science. For more information, please visit its website at https://www.muni.cz/en/about-us/organizational-structure/faculty-of-science/314070-deptof-anthropology.

Job Description

The candidate for the position is expected to carry out pedagogical and creative tasks (scientific, research & development, innovative and others) in accordance with mission of the Faculty, activities of the department and ongoing research projects. He or she is expected to be involved in teaching and development of study programmes, research & development, promoting of science & dissemination of research results, and to participate in academic authorities and other bodies. He or she is also expected to carry out additional administrative and operational activities related to the type of work and departmental duties, as per instructions of the direct superior.

Key Duties:

  • To teach current courses (introductory to specialty) in human anatomy, human osteology, human evolution, variation of modern humans, field excavation techniques, state-of-the-art laboratory techniques applicable in human evolution, paleoanthropology, physical/skeletal anthropology/bioarcheology for the undergraduate and graduate program
  • To conduct research falling under or closely related to evolutionary oriented physical/biological anthropology or bioarcheology
  • To advise/mentor students, to participate in academic and program-related committees, and to participate in traditional academic functions
  • To seek external funding for his/her own research activities in the field of skeletal anthropology/bioarcheology, preferably including field surveys and excavations.

Skills and Qualifications

The applicant must have:

  • Degree (Master’s and Ph.D. degrees or equivalent degrees) in Anthropology or other closely related field from an accredited institution
  • Knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts and approaches relevant to the field of evolutionary anthropology, physical/biological anthropology, paleoanthropology or bioarcheology.
  • Conceptual analytical and evaluative skills to conduct independent research and analysis in the field of evolutionary based physical/biological anthropology based on human skeletal remains.
  • Experience with lab-based examination and research techniques applicable to human skeletal remains – biological profile assessment from skeletal remains, paleodemography, analytical techniques aimed at diet, stress, health indicators; a good overview of paleogenetics, paleoproteomics and other modern laboratory methods used in evolutionary oriented anthropology.
  • Familiarity with ancient to recent sociocultural history in Central Europe.
  • Scholarly achievement which may include peer-reviewed and other publications (books, monographs, applied research reports).
  • Experience with extramural grants and contracts, grant proposal design, project management.
  • Evidence of quality instruction, curriculum design, and supervision of student projects where appropriate.
  • Evidence of service relevant to the university, academic profession, and/or community.
  • Good communication skills, fluency in English (spoken and written) is required. The knowledge/understanding of Czech language is preferred but not excluding.

The applicant should have:

  • at least 5 years of combined professional experience both at national and/or international level, as a physical or biological anthropologist,
  • experience in or on academic circles (in the position of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor).

We Offer

  • An interesting job in a dynamically-expanding university area
  • Flexible working hours and occasional home office to support personal needs in family and career compatibility
  • Employee benefits such as 8 weeks of paid vacation per year, pension insurance contribution, a financial meal allowance/contribution to lunches in canteens of MU, Multisport card, vaccinations free of charge, discounted language courses, discount in the university cinema, exclusive mobile tariff offer by Vodafone
  • Opportunity to work and live in a modern and dynamic city
  • Support with your relocation to Brno by our International Staff Office

Application Process

The application shall be submitted online by December 31st 2021 via an e-application https://www.muni.cz/en/about-us/careers/vacancies/65979.

The candidate shall provide following:

  • CV (including a list of important publications)
  • Cover letter describing candidate’s accomplishments and experience
  • Research statement
  • Names and contact details of at least 2 professional references.

After submitting your application successfully, you will receive an automatic confirmation email from jobs.muni.cz.

Selection Process

Received applications will be considered carefully in line with principles of the EU Charter and Code for Researchers.

Selection criteria: (i) meeting qualification requirements described above, (ii) all required documents provided.
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal or Skype interview.
The Faculty Recruitment Policy (OTM-R) can be seen here.
Faculty of Science, Masaryk University is an equal opportunity employer. We support diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!