KInIT realizes PhD study in partnership with Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology.

KInIT doctoral students will be full-time KInIT employees and devote their time to research and study for their PhD degree. At the same time, KInIT doctoral students will act as external students of FIT VUT and graduates will receive their degree from FIT VUT.

Supervising team: Mária Bieliková (KInIT guarantor), Jana Kosecka (George Mason University), Branislav Kveton (Google Research), Peter Richtárik (KAUST), Martin Takáč (Lehigh University), Peter Tino (University of Birmingham)

Key words: machine learning, deep learning, learning theory, optimization, trustworthiness

Machine learning is in the centre of research of artificial intelligence. Many researchers worldwide are dealing with the topics related to machine learning, both in academia and industry. This very dynamic field is characterized with fast transfer of solutions into practical use.

The topics in this domain are defined by premier scientific conferences, where top-class researchers meet, for example ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning), Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), International Joint Conference on AI (IJCAI), Conference on Learning Theory (COLT).

This thesis will be advised by an external mentor, who will also define its particular topic.

Interesting research challenges are contained within (but are not limited to) these topics:

  • General Machine Learning (e.g., active learning, clustering, online learning, ranking, reinforcement learning, semi-supervised learning, time series analysis, unsupervised learning)
  • Deep Learning (e.g., architectures, generative models, deep reinforcement learning)
  • Learning Theory (e.g., bandits, game theory, statistical learning theory)
  • Optimization (e.g., convex and non-convex optimization, matrix/tensor methods, sparsity)
  • Trustworthy Machine Learning (e.g., accountability, causality, fairness, privacy, robustness)

There are many application domains, where advanced machine learning methods can be deployed.

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