The Dean of the Law Faculty of Charles University
invites applicants to take part in the
call for applications
regarding 3-month mobility – arrival of a post-doc from abroad


Announcement of the call for applications within the programme:

Call N. 02_18_053 International mobility of research, technical and administrative staff of research organizations

Project Title: International mobility of research, technical and administrative staff at Charles University

Registration Project Number: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_053/0016976

Hosting Institution: Charles University, Faculty of Law, nám. Curieových 7, Praha 1

Place of Mobility: Czech Republic

Duration: 3 months

Work-load: 1.0 / fulltime

Time: commencement in the 1st quarter of 2023 (ideally January/February2023, with some flexibility upon prior agreement)

Description of Mobility: The intended contribution of the mobility (arrival in the Czech Republic) is that a foreign researcher is to enhance the existing team. The researcher is expected to consult research projects with academics and doctoral students at the Faculty, and to implement his or her own project; he or she is to present the research at scientific seminars of the respective Department or the Faculty. The research project of the researcher may be focused on any branch of law.
The researcher from abroad is to be employed, within the mobility, as a full-time employee with the place of work in Prague. The researcher is obliged to take active part in at least one conference /seminar/workshop, etc., organized by Charles University during the mobility.

Support of the family of a researcher: NO

Required qualifications of an applicant:

  1. An applicant must be a post-doc
    A post-doc is a researcher with the Ph.D. degree, or its foreign equivalent, granted no longer than 7 years ago1 as on the date of commencement of the mobility.
  2. During the last three years (as on the date of commencement of the mobility), an applicant must have acted for at least two full years in a foreign country (outside the Czech Republic) in the area of research at least as a part-time researcher (0.5 of the full-time equivalent); alternatively, an applicant was a Ph.D. student (or a similar form) abroad. Czech nationals are not excluded.
  3. An applicant must show at least two publications during the last three years.2
    Namely, publications recorded in the databases Thomson Reuters Web of Science, Scopus or ERIH PLUS with the type of publication being “article“, “book“, “book chapter“, “letter“ and “review“.

Required documents:

  1. Letter of motivation.
  2. Documents proving the completed doctoral study (copies are sufficient).
  3. A brief description of the research project to be developed in the course of the mobility.
  4. Professional CV (structured, including an outline of publications and engagements).

All documents are to be submitted in the English language.
Applicants who fail to complete the above listed parameters would be excluded from the call.

Schedule of the Call
Announcement of the Call – 25 October 2022
Deadline for applications – 2 December 2022
Oral part of the call procedure – 12-16 December 2022
Publishing the results – by 6 January 2023
Date of commencement of the mobility – 1st quarter of 2023

Mode of assessment:
Fulfilment or non-fulfilment of the criteria is to be assessed by a board composed of at least three members appointed by the Dean of the Faulty. The board is to select a smaller group of the best applicants according to their submitted qualifications who are to be invited for an interview. Foreign applicants may join the interview electronically via Zoom or a similar online platform.

The evaluation board, at its common meeting, is to assess individual applicants according to the following criteria:
Criterion 1: The quality of the proposed research project.
Criterion 2: The number and the quality of publications.
Criterion 3: An expected contribution for the hosting unit.

The process of evaluation will be recorded in writing; the record is to contain information regarding the composition of the board; criteria for the applicants´ evaluation; an order of applicants according to their suitability; reasons for the order.

Applicants are to submit their application electronically at mobility@prf.cuni.cz. The deadline for submission including all required documents is 2 December 2022 by 24.00 hours.

1, 2 the period can be extended as a result of maternity leave or parental leave, long-term illness (more than 90 days), nursing care for a family member (longer than 90 days), pre-attestation training and military service. Conditions under Rector´s Directive N. 23/2021.