The researcher will be involved in research on (i) the effects of selected pharmaceuticals on soil microbial community and soil functioning; (ii) transformations of organic matter in digestive tracts of soil invertebrates using molecular biology and bioinformatics tools. Experimental laboratory work and data analyses will be included. He/she will become a member of small research teams supported by specific research projects in the above areas.

Major aims of the two-year work:

  • To link microbial community activity and composition with physical and chemical parameters of diverse agricultural soils with potential to dissipate selected pharmaceuticals.
  • To isolate and identify microbial consortia with degradation potential.
  • To describe the role of soil microorganisms in degradation of organic matter in digestive tracts of soil invertebrates.
  • To describe differences in degradation potential of microbial community in various soil types.


  • PhD degree or equivalent in microbiology, molecular biology, microbial ecology or environmental science;
  • strong background in biostatistics (descriptive and multivariate statistics, linear regression models, etc.);
  • demonstrated knowledge in metagenomics and bioinformatics;
  • experience in DNA/RNA and protein extractions from various environmental and biological samples and in advanced downstream analyses;
  • experience in enrichment techniques;
  • preferred qualification in soil molecular microbial ecology (SIP desirable);
  • interest in interdisciplinary research;
  • good written and spoken English

How to apply

Applications, including CV with publication list – in last 3 years at least 2 research articles, diploma, documents showing activity outisde Czech Republic in 2 years from last 3 years, documents to studying PhD, 1 page motivation letter which include main outline of research candidate want conduct during his (her) stay, should be sent to kolisko@paru.cas.cz


Health insurance, vacation days and native English speaker in the lab