IMG & IPHYS Proteomics Facility
AS CR – Biomedical Research Campus in Prague – Krč

The newly established Proteomics Facility on the Biomedical Research Campus in Prague, Czech Republic, is seeking an MSc or PhD level scientist with expertise in LC-MS for a position:

Proteomics Facility LC-MS Operator

Position Requirements:

  • MSc or PhD in biochemistry / chemistry / biology or related field
  • Experience in running and troubleshooting HPLC and mass spectrometer
  • Experience in method design for HPLC and/or mass spectrometer
  • Experience in sample preparation and method development for proteomics valued but not required
  • Strong communication skills, solid command of English, proficiency with PC


  • Operate and maintain HPLC + mass spectrometer (nano UHPLC + HRAM Q-Orbitrap / Q-TOF)
  • Prepare proteomics samples from tissues, cells, and biofluids
  • Optimize and develop sample preparation and acquisition methods
  • Analyze and report proteomics data to the clients of the facility

We Offer:

  • Work with the latest technologies
  • Collaborative academic environment
  • Competitive salary and benefits

Expected Appointment Start Date: September 2020

Required Documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume

to be sent by the applicant to the contact below by July 12, 2020

Marcela Tomášková